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Play with friends?

Playing with friends is fun and we provide you with a nice lobby to prepare your team.

Game Types

Players are able to join servers running their desired game type .


We do not own any of the servers but we make sure that we connect you to the best server.

The Project

Few things about it

We are gamers and we love to play Counter-Strike, but the gameplay is ruined by many foreign players and we are lucky when we don't join a server where 90% of the players are speaking a different language than ours. This project will try to send each player on the same server(s) with other players from his country enhancing the gameplay since at least players can understand each other.

What We Do

Some things to consider

  • We are searching for good servers
  • We arrange each server by country
  • We monitor those servers
  • We fill those servers with the right players

What People Are Saying

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